Training School
PLR Foundation Course.
PLR Course for Qualified Therapists.
Advanced PLR Course.
Smoking Cessation Course.
Virtual Gastric Band Course.
PL Energy Therapy Course.
Virtual Hypno Gastric Band and 
Weight Management Diploma Course
Two disciplines in one comprehensive course

Lesson One

This lesson covers weight management issues and statistics presenting detailed information about nutrition, BMI values and the subconscious mind’s function in relation to poor eating habits.
Lesson Two

Session one. The Counselling Session which covers half of the first appointment. This is designed to build rapport with your client and help you to fully understand individual eating habits. It will also focus the client’s mind and strengthen commitment. A questionnaire is used during the counselling to record all the necessary information for you to be able to customise the therapy for each client.
Lesson Three

The therapy begins. Initial induction and return scripts are presented to begin with in order to provide your client with some practice. Subsequent procedures focus on the all important issues of commitment and the positive benefits gained by becoming slimmer.
Lesson Four

Session two. Following a discussion with regard to your client’s progress, five more therapeutic techniques are provided in order to provide clients with a motivational framework for their subconscious to make the changes necessary.
Lesson Five

Session three. A discussion about progress since the outset of the therapy is followed by a preliminary hypnotic journey to prepare your client for the actual Virtual Gastric Band procedure which then follows.
Lesson Six

An alternative single session Weight Management therapy is presented and is available for clients who just need to lose a few pounds. Timing is very important so the whole procedure is mapped out with time prompts.
Final Section

All the scripts, forms and aid memoir used within the sessions are individually presented for ease of use and/or copying.