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Since the onset of the restrictions caused by Covid 19, face to face meetings are unadvisable.

Sessions conducted on the telephone or via a video link have become much more popular among therapists.

There is no real advantage in therapists and clients being in the same room, so remote sessions are just as effective. The most important point is to make sure you have a quiet environment where you will not get disturbed during your session. This is just as safe as a meeting in person and you can not get trapped in Hypnosis; this is a common myth.

Telephone sessions are the preferred method as experience has shown that

clients feel more at ease when they are not being watched on camera,

although I do offer video sessions via Skype or Zoom.

All sessions last 90 minutes. Smoking and Weight are single sessions at £90.00 each. Regression is £75.00.

Gastric Band is three sessions at £90 each.

If you would like more information about these sessions before you book,

you can contact me via email HERE or telephone 01409 211559

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Weight Management Single Session

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